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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"When a phone rings in the middle of the night rarely does it bring good news."

That adage combined with the reality that I was three thousand miles away from my family made the shrill ring pierce my sound sleep and rip me from rest.

I answered before the first ring had ended.

The other end was a mix of my sleepy husbands raspy voice and my four year old daughter's sobs.
She had woke up and wandered to my side of the bed.  
When she found my pillow empty she panicked.

Two in the morning is a hard time to remember your momma is in South Carolina at a writer's conference.

My husband called me so she could hear my voice.
I talked to her through my phone, through her tears,
and through the hiss telling me I was a horrible mother for leaving by babies.

The next morning, I went down to breakfast still trying to escape the guilt.

I was two bites into my french toast when this video played on the large screens in the front of the room.
At first, I didn't realize it was a video.
I heard the sound and it sliced through me.

this video contains graphic images

When the video ended, the room of nearly 400 women was completely still.

The lumps in out throats choked us and we sat silent as Asher Collie spoke about Sole Hope
the organization she founded with her husband as a response to the jigger epidemic in Uganda.

I struggled to listen and her words became muffled background noise behind my thoughts:

...the cries of pain from those children in the video...

..the fearful sobs of my own daughter through the phone...

...the groans of the earth as it longs to be restored from it's fallen state...

...all of the ways evil manifests and destroys...

evil burrows into our world 

evil births festering and seeping wounds in our lives

evil can paralyze and has the potential to kill all things beautiful and good
if all things beautiful and good disengage and look the other way.

we must not turn away
we must cling to each other

...cling and pull each other out of the darkness...
...cling and love...

...and  Sole Hope makes it so easy for us to love...

We bring the bring the jeans, trace and cut them into shoe uppers and send them to Uganda.
Once in Uganda, they are sewn into shoes and soled with recycled tires.

Will you consider participating in CCV's Inspire Women's Ministry jean cutting party on February 2, 2014?

set aside your old jeans

sharpen your scissors

save $10 to pay the wage of the Ugandan shoe makers

pray for Sole Hope and the lives that they touch

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**all photos credit Sole Hope**

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  1. A beautiful and captivating tribute to an amazing organization. So thrilled for you, friend, to see this as the first of many tangible steps of obedience toward the call God put on your heart. Amazing. Love you.


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