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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Confession Mama this is for you.

I love your effortless honesty.
You open your heart and let your readers know that we are not alone in the beautiful mess of parenting.

I'm fairly confident nobody wants to hear that they are the person that pops into my mind when I'm struggling to carry my screaming children out of the grocery store...

But Taleah, you are that person.

I had given warnings and last chances and finally gave up on my much needed groceries.
I abandoned my half-full cart on the paper towel aisle.
I scooped my girls up, one writhing child under each arm, and began the long journey to the parking lot.

The store was full of shoppers and they were all staring at me struggling to carry my crying children.
I know it must have been a sight.
I would have stared at myself too. 

But all those people looking made me feel even more on my own and I desperately wanted a friend.
Between the paper towels and the parking lot I needed someone to come up beside me.  
To smile.  
To encourage. 
To be real and reveal their own mommy war wounds.
And you did.

I thought of you at The Kid Table

I guess the truth is that many of the moments you've shared with your readers that came to my mind

I made it to the parking lot.
By the grace of God, I put my kids in their carseats without having a meltdown of my own.

It might sound silly but you really helped me the other night.
I think it's important that you know that your writing makes a difference.

As writers we ask ourselves 
if carving out the time
if transforming half-constructed thoughts into cohesive ideas
if exposing their messy core
actually means something
actually means anything

It does.

Write on girl, write on.

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  1. This is Melissa, the Hunger Games chick. ;-)

    I should write about those kinds of moments more often. I had one not too long ago. My three year old threw himself down on the pavement outside the grocery store and refused to move. And he weighs forty pounds!!! I had the baby strapped to my front and a child on the ground who would not move for anything. I don't even want to know how people were looking at me as I tried to get him to budge and ended up practically dragging him by the hand back to the car while he screamed bloody murder. We ALL have those moments. No matter how perfect a mom looks on the outside, I guarantee, she has had those moments! :-)


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